Swim Lessons

Lesson Levels

Parent/Child: Parent/Child is recommended for children ages 12 months to 3 years and teaches water orientation by combining swimming skills with parent/child and instructor interaction.

Level 1: (ages 3-7) An introduction to basic aquatic awareness and safety using breathing drills, blowing bubbles, floating and kicking.

LEVEL 2A (ages 4-7) and LEVEL 2B (ages 8-11)

Level 2A: Continued development of basic breathing, kicking and self-propulsion. Children can typically perform some independent "dog-paddling" skills. (ages 4-7)

Level 2B: Emphasis on kicking, breathing and self-propulsion with introduction to arm movements and floating on front and back. (This class is Level 2 for older children - ages 8-11)

LEVEL 3A (ages 4-7) and LEVEL 3B (ages 8-12)

Level 3A: Introduction to rotary breathing, freestyle, and backstroke. (This class is a Mackerel class for children under age 7)

Level 3B: Introduction to rotary breathing, freestyle, and backstroke with continued development of aquatic awareness skills. (ages 8-12)

Level 4: Emphasis on freestyle and backstroke technique with introduction to breaststroke and butterfly. Student work on swimming 50 yards. (:45 minute lesson) (ages 9-14)